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John Abraham plans 'cracker-free' Diwali (18:38) IANS Photo Service
New Delhi, Oct 18 (IANS) Actor John Abraham says he is going to celebrate a "cracker-free" Diwali, and will ensure he sticks to his skin and body care regime.

Avoid make-up products, anti-acne creams during pregnancy (18:06)
New Delhi, Oct 18 (IANS) Expectant mothers in their first trimester must not use any sort of cosmetics, cleaning agents and medicines to protect the fetal brain development from chemicals that can trigger autism and health of the baby. Stay away from make-up products like lipsticks, lipbalms and anti-acne creams, say experts.

Previously pregnant donor may up death risk in men (17:50)
London, Oct 18 (IANS) Men receiving blood transfusions may be at an increased risk of death if the donor is a woman who had been pregnant in the past, according to a study.

This sensor 'skin' can help robots perform everyday tasks (17:50)
New York, Oct 18 (IANS) Researchers have developed a flexible sensor "skin" that can be wrapped around a finger or any other part of a robot or prosthetic device to help convey a sense of touch, enabling them to perform everything from surgical and industrial procedures to cleaning a kitchen.

Try some muted shades this autumn-winter (16:46)
New Delhi, Oct 18 (IANS) In preparation for winter, revive your wardrobe with a fresh whiff of rich fabrics and classic footwear to keep yourself in line with the latest fashion but don't forget to indulge in muted and autumnal shades apparels to enhance the sharp and robust look, say experts.

How to improve your footwear game this winter (15:40)
New Delhi, Oct 18 (IANS) With changing weather comes the extra effort to decide on the latest trends for the specific season. With winter soon going to knock on the door, it's not just warm, waterproof layers you need to consider but your footwear for fall, too. Sneakers are here to stay and boots are your ally this winter so try these pairs in style, say experts.

This exercise can boost brain power (Lead) (15:26)
New York, Oct 18 (IANS) Researchers have found that practicing what is known as a "dual n-back" exercise can lead to improvement in working memory, which is what people rely on to temporarily hold details in their mind like phone numbers and directions.

Hypertension may up heart valve disorder risk (14:40)
London, Oct 18 (IANS) People with high blood pressure may be at an increased risk of developing common heart valve disorder, researchers said.

Apple Watch app notification saves US man's life (13:30) IANS Photo Service
London, Oct 18 (IANS) A man in US has claimed an Apple Watch app notification saved his life after it detected signs of a life-threatening blood clot in his lungs and alerted him to get medical attention.

This exercise can boost brain power (12:58)
New York, Oct 18 (IANS) Researchers have found that practicing what is known as a "dual n-back" exercise can lead to improvement in working memory, which is what people rely on to temporarily hold details in their mind like phone numbers and directions.

Transform into regal 'Padmavati' this festive season (12:58)
New Delhi, Oct 18 (IANS) The festive season gives you the perfect excuse to transform into the regal diva you have always wanted to be! Why not take inspiration from Deepika Padukone's majestic look from "Padmavati" and amp up your glamour quotient this season?

How to ensure no weight gain during Diwali (11:28)
New Delhi, Oct 18 (IANS) Overeating, over drinking or going completely sleepless creates toxicity for your mind and body, and hence the need to fall back upon a ‘detox diet post Diwali. Staying in balance during the festivities will ensure you don't end up needing a post Diwali detox, say experts.

Whip up delicacies at home during festivities (05:06)
New Delhi, Oct 18 (IANS) Prepare some sweets and snacks at home using recipes dolled out by chefs and indulge yourself and your family members, suggest experts.

Opt for palm cuffs, multi-layer arm chains for a chic look (01:56)
New Delhi, Oct 18 (IANS) While a bride is always the centre of attraction, bridesmaids leave no chance to attract eyeballs either at a wedding or related functions. Let haath phools be for brides, bridesmaids should opt for chic palm cuffs, suggest experts.

Don't forget caring for skin, hair during Diwali (18:16)
New Delhi, Oct 17 (IANS) While we are busy ensuring that the festival of lights is welcomed with perfect preparations, we may tend to overlook caring for ourselves. Care for your skin and hair, suggest experts.

Stress just as unhealthy as junk food (17:40)
New York, Oct 17 (IANS) If you are reeling under work pressure, find ways to relax. Researchers have found that stress may be just as harmful to your body as a really bad diet.

Sweet recipes for Diwali (17:20)
Gurugram, Oct 17 (IANS) Traditional sweets are of the essence when it comes to Diwali and the celebrations are simply incomplete without home-cooked stuff. This time celebrate the festival by indulging in some sweet and tasty treats.

Twitter, Instagram promoting 'extreme thinness': Study (15:00)
New York, Oct 17 (IANS) Twitter and Instagram posts are increasingly celebrating "bonespiration" and "thinspiration", which encourage eating disorders, such as anorexia, a study has found.

Google Photos to now recognise your pet (13:12) IANS Photo Service
San Francisco, Oct 17 (IANS) Photo sharing and storage service Google Photos is introducing a feature that automatically recognises the photographs of the users' dogs and cats alongside people.

Liam Payne taking style inspiration from Cheryl? (08:00) IANS Photo Service
Los Angeles, Oct 17 (IANS) Former One Direction star Liam Payne seems to be taking style inspiration from his girlfriend Cheryl, as he was seen stepping out here in an outfit similar to her runway look.

Enjoy Diwali sans guilt (06:16)
New Delhi, Oct 17 (IANS) Saying no to sweets becomes near impossible around Diwali, making many conscious of their weight, calories and sugar level going up. Be active and restrict to two drinks to enjoy festivities with full fervour.

Essentials every man should carry (02:16)
New Delhi, Oct 17 (IANS) Before heading out, men should ensure that their bag includes a perfume, spray mint, headphones and more.

Myntra to help weavers revive demand for handlooms (20:48)
Bengaluru, Oct 16 (IANS) Online fashion retailer Myntra will help weavers in reviving demand for handloom products across the country in association with the Union Textiles Ministry, said the fashion arm of the e-tailer Flipkart on Monday.

Focused government policies can make India self-reliant in edible oils (20:26)
By Vivek Singh Chauhan
New Delhi, Oct 16 (IANS) With the right kind of policy initiatives by the government, the country can not only become self-reliant in terms of production but even export some of its indigenous edible oils like mustard oil.

Obesity increases irregular heartbeat risk in men: Study (18:48)
London, Oct 16 (IANS) Overweight men are more likely to develop irregular heartbeat at 50 years of age, nearly a decade earlier than women, according to a study.

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